GEOG 1514: Introduction to Meteorology

Introduction to the foundational properties and processes of Earths atmosphere and the consequential forms and patterns of weather, including atmospheric composition and structure, energy, humidity, clouds and precipitation processes, atmospheric motion, air masses, fronts, and cyclones, and severe weather and hurricanes

GEOG 3954: Study Abroad

Faculty leader of the Sustaining Human Societies and the Environment in New Zealand study abroad during Wintermester.

GEOG 4504: Synoptic Meteorology

Examination of large-scale (1000-5000km) weather systems using both analytical and operational analysis. Topics include thermal structure of atmosphere & resulting circulation, frontal analysis, lifting mechanisms, barotropic/baroclinic systems, and mid-latitude cyclones. Weather pattern influences of the jetstreams and oscillation of large pressure systems including El Nino/La Nina and the North Atlantic Oscillation.

GEOG 4574: Climate Data Analysis and Programming

Elements of 1-dimensional and high-dimensional climate data storage and formatting. Manipulate and query atmospheric reanalysis, global climate model, and gridded observation datasets. Implement efficient research workflows through the development of computer scripts to statistically analyze climate data.